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About Us

Zoom Sri Lanka is an online travel book, enabling travelers from all over the world to plan and have a fantastic holiday in Sri Lanka.

Zoom Sri Lanka offers reliable recommendations from real travelers, as well as an editorial section provided by an international team. The Zoom Sri Lanka travel book consists of different chapters: Zoom Magazine with authentic traveler's experiences, a hotel booking chapter with over 200 hotels to choose from island-wide in all price ranges, the restaurant chapter making it easy for you to find the desired type of food nearby, an activities chapter pointing out all possible activities in Sri Lanka, the places chapter informing you about the most famous and unknown sights. Zoom Sri Lanka provides you insights into the beautiful island of Sri Lanka like no other - for your convenience all in one book.


Our vision is "to provide travelers with authentic and detailed information about Sri Lanka; we aim to create a platform on which you can find, discover, book and review all places of interest and share the experience with the community", to ensure all travelers will be able to plan their perfect holiday in an easy way.


With the mission "to provide travelers with authentic, detailed, relevant and up to date information about Sri Lanka, we ensure travelers can discover and explore the country without missing a single offbeat experience", Zoom Sri Lanka offers a variety of choice of valuable information in categories such as hotels, restaurants, news, events, reviews, tips, activities and trails.

Business Values

Zoom Sri Lanka is a collection of the most valuable information, general and offbeat, about Sri Lanka. Our team is set up out of international colleagues with experts in travel, tourism and IT. We have one vision and a set of values, to help you to "Master your Destination", which unites us and supports us in delivering our aims. Our vision is to "provide authentic, detailed, relevant and up to date information about Sri Lanka". That reflects what we believe we are in business to do and it gives us a clear sense of purpose. Our values support our vision. They are more than words, they are embedded into how we do things at Zoom Sri Lanka and are fundamental to the way in which we operate, helping us define the way we relate to our customers, shareholders, each other and the world at large. Each value has behaviors associated with it:

Customer Driven

We respect our customers and appreciate that they rely on us to have an exceptionally pleasant holiday. One of our main goals is to maintain their loyalty and trust. We believe the individuals' needs are subject to focus on, rather than catering to a mass market.

Responsible Leadership

We are committed to sustainable development and aim to making a positive impact on the society in Sri Lanka. We do not take leadership for granted; we are working hard to earn it. Our style of communication is open, what supports a steady development as well as growth. We are aware of cultural differences and actively seek to contribute to every individual's needs and desires.

Value Driven

We clearly focus on the need for profitability. Continuously we are searching for opportunities that have a commercial advantage for us and at the same time add value to our customers' experience. We bring the latest information in all travel based categories forward to the market, based on the customers demand.

Playing to Win

Our key to success is passion combined with a firm belief in our product. We focus on forecasting trends and market developments, aligning our creativity and inspiration in a way that enables us to take the travel market forward and move it beyond existing boarders. We thrive on teamwork and love what we do.

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